Max Polyakov’s Noosphere Takes Part in the 1st FAI International Drones Conference

Image credit: FAI via Flickr

On September 1-3, 2017 the city of Lausanne, Switzerland, attracted numerous delegations for the 1st FAI International Drones Conference and Expo, which was a part of EPFL Drone Days 2017. This year, the event was visited by hundreds of important guests, including representatives from the Model Aeronautic Association in Australia and Noosphere Ventures of Max Polyakov, the technical partner of the World Air Sports Federation.
The conference lasted for three days and welcomed its visitors with a wide variety of workshops, competitions and speeches.
Image credit: FAI via Flickr
The most discussable topics were drones and innovation, safety, and, of course, sports. The speakers from over 30 countries, as well as Max Polyakov’s EOS and Noosphere, had the opportunity to make presentations and report on anti-collision techniques, logistics, near-earth observation, education, and using drones in different kinds of sports.
One of the most popular speakers, Vladimir Vasiliev from EOS, emphasized the exceptional role of civilian drones and their usage in near-earth imaging. Vasiliev is an experienced professional, who has worked with imaging technologies at EOS, founded by Max Polyakov in early 2016.
According to Frits Brink, FAI President, the governmental structures are currently taking steps forwards, developing laws on the safe usage of drones and making them a common vehicles in air traffic. Noosphere Ventures, with its managing partner, Max Polyakov, supports Mr. Brink’s ideas along with the industry’s major players.

Mikhail Ryabokon, a speaker from Noosphere, talked about the rapidly growing interest in “Sports and Drones” and described a number of recent events that were supported by Association Noosphere. One of the most remarkable events he discussed was the  promising Copter Race 2017 that will be soon held in Dnipro, Ukraine. Copter Race 2017, organized by Association Noosphere and its founder Max Polyakov, is likely to be one of the brightest events in the drones industry.

The speakers were not the only ones who were present on the conference. Amateur visitors of all ages had the unique opportunity to study and test drones. To Douglas Burnet, a member of the Aerial Sports League, drone racing is a sphere that totally supports young enthusiasts.
The event also included a show that demonstrated new designs, developments and apps in the drone industry.

Air sports and engineering is becoming more and more popular worldwide. Being a unique combination of technology, science and math, the drone industry remains a high priority among numerous IT companies, public institutions, and NGOs, including Association Noosphere of Max Polaykov.